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Wendy Farmer

That's the bummer Mischelle - Storyline swivel doesn't allow that...and swivel was the closest I could get...another thought you may be able to create them in powerpoint as export as videos if you don't want the user to interact with them...that might work for you as PPT has way more animations styles.

Chris Roetzer

Gerry, liked what you did and refined it so one can continue to click/flip. The flip back is a little faster than the flip over which I think has something to do with the speed at which the prebuilt swivel first turns (faster when starts) vs. when it is finishing. (Which is why the flip over is smoother as the card front fades out near the end of the swivel). Not as smooth as Rise but darn close. Not bad for 30 min. playing with it. Who can improve it more?