Flip card interaction

Aug 16, 2019

I want to recreation the flip card interaction that is in Rise but I don't know how to make the card "flip". 

I tried using animation but that didn't work right.

Appreciate your assistance

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Wendy Farmer

That's the bummer Mischelle - Storyline swivel doesn't allow that...and swivel was the closest I could get...another thought you may be able to create them in powerpoint as export as videos if you don't want the user to interact with them...that might work for you as PPT has way more animations styles.

Chris Roetzer

Gerry, liked what you did and refined it so one can continue to click/flip. The flip back is a little faster than the flip over which I think has something to do with the speed at which the prebuilt swivel first turns (faster when starts) vs. when it is finishing. (Which is why the flip over is smoother as the card front fades out near the end of the swivel). Not as smooth as Rise but darn close. Not bad for 30 min. playing with it. Who can improve it more?

Andrew Baker

Hi There,

I took up Chris's challenge to try and take it a little further. I used a layer for each flash card with 3 images:

  • Image 1 static then swivel out
  • image 2 swivel in then pause slide - click to resume slide then swivels out
  • image 3 swivel out and hide layer

Layers allowed other layers to be seen and base and layers to be interacted with. I also put boxes behind the shapes on the layers to hide the base layer card.

Timing was a bit fiddly and may be able to be adjusted to make it smoother, but I found that the timeline graphic didn't always match up with the timing of the object (right click on object in the timeline and select timeline).

Joshua Zettel

I've been trying to find a high quality example of this that compares to PowerPoint's 3D rotation animation and I can't. I created one in PowerPoint and it doesn't import the animation or morphed transition properly. Andrew did a great job furthering Gerry's example, however I have concerns about accessibility as it's choppy which is hard on the eyes. Would be great to have a 3D rotation/card flip animation.  

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