Storyline Flipcard Interaction Template

Oct 05, 2012

This is my first attempt at creating a flipcard type interaction. I used Jeanette's flipbook   template to help get started. 

The graphics could stand to be fussed with, but it's a good working start! Hope it's helpful to someone else out there!

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Kristin Savko

When we were using Presenter, we would sometimes use the flashcard Engage interaction in places where we want students to stop and reflect on a question before discovering the answer without being intimidated by a quiz. We found that interaction a quick way to do that. A click and reveal could do something similar, but something about the flashcard really helps suggest to the student that these exercises are just for practice.

One of my favorite exercises we used it for was in a lesson talking about product classification and the differences between goods and services. So the intro slide said something about "Good or Service? Can you tell the difference?" The front of the flash card gives and example like "a can of soup" or "a rock concert" and the flip side tells if it's a good or a service. What was really great was it allowed us to give a large number of examples in a learn through exploration process.

Really excited to get them into Storyline where we can have so much more flexibility in design!

Chris Brooks

Hi can anyone help

I found a really great interaction last week where the learner chose  multiple  items by clicking them,  their choices  were then shown on

another layer.  I think it was a self assesement or evaluation interaction.

  I would realy like to apply this to something if am doing and it would be great to have a look at the variables.

Unfortunately I don't remember where I found it or what it was called.  Has anyone got any ideas?

Dianne Gibson

Very valuable Kristen!  I love the page turning effect you created. So I can make sure I get it.

You put one side of the "card" on one slide and used the click to turn as a variable to go to next slide which has the same card but this card image has a curled up bottom right.  You used a transition "fad smoothly" from one slide to the next so it appears to be "turning a page".  Is this right?  I loved it and will use it. I agree with what every one has said about the usefulness of flipcards in an activity.  Again, thank you and let me know if I deciphered the mechanics correctly.

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