FLV Video will not load

Feb 18, 2013

I have a 24 slide Storyline project that included 3 FLV videos which work great. My customer asked for one more video, so I developed it - just like the others - and published to FLV. (This one is 1 min 17 secs.)

I imported it into the project, just like the other 3, and it works fine when previewing. It even works fine when I view locally on the network (w:\ ... \story.html.) Unfortunately, the video does not load at all when I upload it to the Web server (http:// ... /story.html) for my customer to view. The other videos work, just not this last one.

In testing and debugging, I have found several oddities but none have resulted in a working video:

  1. In the Flash-based version, the video does not load at all. In the HTML5 version, the video appears to load but will not play.
  2. Looking in the story_content folder that was published by Storyline, I found the mp4 version of the video which plays fine on its own (independent of the Storyline interface.) I did not, however, find an flv version of the video as there are with the other videos. I attempted to create the flv on my own using the exact same naming structure but that was not effective either.

Other things I have tried include:

  1. I have published the FLV several times in different sizes.  I even converted a wmv version using the Articulate FLV converter.
  2. I have deleted the slide in Storyline and started from scratch, only to get the same results.

After two days full days of trying to troubleshoot this issue, I am completely out of ideas. If anyone can help resolve this issue, I would greatly appreciate your assistance!



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ward,

Sorry to hear about the trouble with this video. Thanks very much for all of the information. Just curious, did you try viewing the content in different browsers? If so, can you tell me if you were able to tell any difference in the behavior of the video in the different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome)?

Are you able to share the .FLV video here, or the .STORY file for the course? You're also welcome to send it to us privately in a support case.

Ward Scott

It is broken in all browsers I have loaded:

  • IE8 - The primary tool used in our company and the basis for much of my description.
  • Chrome v24 - Flash based behavior the same. This is the HTML5 behavior I was describing.
  • Firefox v17 - None of the videos work. They display the message, "Video format or MME type is not supported." (Flash 11.5 is installed.)

The .flv is attached but the story file may be too large. I will try to provide it through a support case.

Mike Enders


It works fine  when I publish it to the web and view.

Here's my guess....

You mentioned that all three other videos stayed in FLV format (I'm guessing maybe they have an alpha channel so they weren't converted to .mp4) while this video was converted to .mp4.

If it's not loading and playing on your web server, it's possible that the server isn't set to serve up the .mp4 video type.  I'd check to see if this is the case.   Here's a little more as it relates to Studio.  But the same holds true for Storyline as well.  http://www.articulate.com/support/kb_article.php?product=ap9&id=w9bvqxxido6t


Ward Scott

Thanks Mike! I had not considered that the only thing different in this last video was that I had title slides using an alpha channel.

My assumption was that if I did not encode the alpha channel that it would "flatten" the video (much a you could flatten layers in Photoshop.) Obviously, that is not the case because when I published the video with the alpha channel encoded - everything works great.

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