Buggy videos - on different divices

Sep 14, 2012

I published some content with videos on two pages in html5 using storyline.

Videos are mp4s.

I did not publish for the mobile player.

I uploaded the folder to Blackboard LMS.I linked to the story.html file.

I then viewed the content on these devices

Ipad3: Worked Great - Video audio loaded and played

Ipad2: Content didn't load at all : Model number mc775LL

ipad2 : Content worked great video and audio played : Model number mc769LL

Android ASUS pad: First video wouldnt audio load : Second Video auto loaded just fine.

Hit the back button and the first video loaded and played just fine.

These are all the devices that my client provided me that their employees use. There is such a performance difference across them all.

What is the reason for it? How do i get an equal experience on all devices.

Thanks for your advice and help ahead of time.


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