Folder Tab Interactions

Hi everyone,

I really need some help editing the layer under my tabs. So what I am hoping to accomplish.

User clicks the tab and a text box pops up with the information you want user to see. How do I edit the pop up text? I used the Folder Tab Interaction template, however, I am now unable to edit the text. I am attaching the two slides of my project for review and comment. Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Mary, and welcome to heroes!

I looked at your file, and i see slide 1.2 with the Folder tab interaction. When you select the corresponding layer on the right side menu, you can click within the text box to edit the text. You can also change the picture, by clicking on the picture itself and inserting something, new, or just delete it.

Attached is your file with an updated change in text on the 1st Layer, Tab1

Let us know if this helps.