Text Entry Field and Screen Reader

Mar 30, 2022

I create software simulations, and as such, text entry fields cannot have any text in them visible for a prompt. It needs to be 'blank' so it looks like the software I'm teaching. The alt text for text entry fields is not read by screen readers. If there is no text as a prompt in the field it just reads 'edit'. I used to use a transparent shape with alt text that instructed them to "select the tab key and enter your name" - but that's no longer an option since tabbing only picks up interactive objects (so my transparent shape is skipped - and telling them to go back, and tab to the 3rd object is cumbersome). I also can't have a general transparent shape that says 'tab to 'edit' and ..." as I usually have several text entry fields on the screen. I also can't change the text entry text to white (which would hide the prompt) as when the user puts in their entry it is also white and can't be seen.

Any thoughts or work around would be appreciate!

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