Text entry blocking hotspot

Sep 23, 2021

I recently ran an update to Storyline, and now text entry fields are blocking hotspots from enabling a trigger. 

In my project, when a learner hovers over an area of the slide, a hint should appear. I've used a hotspot in that area to trigger the hint. I also have a text entry field over the hotspot where the learner is supposed to enter text. 

However, the text entry is now blocking the learner from being able to hover over the hotspot and trigger the hint. If I put the hotspot on top, then it blocks the text entry field. Previously, this wasn't an issue. I've tried making the hotspot transparent, creating a shape for the trigger and making it transparent, and putting a transparent text entry field on top of the hotspot without any luck. I've also tried making the text entry field the trigger for the hint, but for some reason, this doesn't work. 

Prior to updating Storyline, I could have a text entry field over a hotspot, and the hint would appear when the learner hovers over the hotspot, and the learner could type in the text entry field. I'm curious if anyone knows of a workaround or why I'm now unable to use a hotspot as a trigger under a transparent text entry field.

If it helps, here is a screenshot of my setup with the triggers. Here, I have the transparent text entry field over the hotspot. 
Here is a screencast of what happens when I attempt to enter text. The text entry field blocks the hotspot from triggering the hint. 

Here is a screenshot of a similar setup made prior to updating Storyline. The transparent text entry is placed over the hotspot.
Here is a screencast of what happens when I attempt to enter text. The hotspot triggers the hint and I can write in the text entry field. 

If anyone has any ideas on how to resolve this issue, I would greatly appreciate it! 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Danielle!

Thank you so much for providing all of these details! I've opened a case on your behalf so that our Support Engineers can step in. I've linked our conversation as well, so they're up to speed with what you're running into. You should've received an email from support@articulate.com that includes an upload link. Do you mind sharing the .story file with our team? Our team can sign an NDA if needed.

I'll keep an eye on the case to see what the fix is!