Font in Slidetitels is not shown correctly (Javascript, Trigger control)

May 18, 2016

Hey Storyliners,

I have a problem with the slidetitels. The font (Roboto slab --> is a google font) is not shown correctly in the slidetitels. For the slidetitel we use Javascript and we control the slidetitels via Triggers and Variables (%SlideTitle%).


HTML5: --> Firefox and Chrome show the wrong font

HTML: (warning java is not supported in that browser) --> Firefox and Chrome do't show a font (its empty)


Can you please help us with the representation of Roboto Slab in the slidetitels?


Thanks Ines 

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Steve Galway

Thinking again - I don't think that custom fonts (locally installed) can be used with variable references. They are not embedded in the published files when used with variables. It defaults to a system font so you're best to use a web safe font. 

Article here

Sorry - brain wasn't in gear when I replied first time.

Steve Galway

You can use variables for your titles - but you need to choose a web safe font - verdana, arial, times etc. 

Using variables for titles is a great way of doing it - using a system font or web safe font will make sure it will display OK on the learners screen as a custom or non-system font isn't embedded for variable text. 

Leslie McKerchie

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