Font issues

Wondering if anyone has come across this problem.  Our client requires us to use Helvetica in Storyline 2 however this was quite problematic for us.  It was suggested that we use an alternative to Helvetica (Neue Haas Grotesk Disp) so we switched all font over.  We are still having issues with the font and it seems to be a horizontal spacing issue however it is not consistent.  I have attached an example here.  Hoping someone can help as this is a huge problem for us!

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Brett Rockwood

I've have seen a number of font oddities in SL2. Helevtica Neue has definitely been one along with any of the designs by Frutiger (e.g., Univers, Avenir, Frutiger) that have the multiple widths and weights signified by numbers. I get a lot of strange substitutions with them where bolding doesn't publish properly and other weird things. I need to more closely note what is happening and then I'll report what I'm seeing...