Font Issues in both Slide Master and Slide views

Jun 12, 2017

I am not even sure how to explain this, so here goes. When I am building a template in SL3, I make my font selection for titles and text in the Slide Master. I am having all kinds of phantom happenings:  the font changes if I change the text box at all (size, color fill, etc.), the font doesn't carry over to the layout in the Slide View, the font doesn't carry through to all the slide masters.

I have no way to "recreate" these events for anyone to look at. It happens when I'm developing, and is very frustrating indeed. I believe I had the same issues with SL2, but did not report it then.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karen,

Are you building the slide masters directly in Storyline or importing from a Powerpoint file? 

Does the text font change if you're modifying it on the slide master, or when you modify it on the slide itself? Have you set anything else in terms of a theme font? 

You mentioned not being able to recreate it for us to see - do you mean that it's inconsistent or that it's only happening on your files not a file you'd share?

If you could capture a screen recording of it that would help! I could then walk through the same steps as you and if I can see recreate it, I'll be able to report it to my team as a possible software bug.

Karen Hoffman

Hi, Ashley. Let me answer you one by one!

I build my slide masters IN SL3 directly. 

The font changes when I've already picked another font, when I change the color, when I change the size or shape of the text box - really, any adjustments I make to the Slide Master title or text boxes can cause a reversion to default. Sometimes, I'll have changed a font and it shows the correct font name in the font field, but the text box is obviously NOT the font stated. Also, I've seen these things happen when I'm creating the slides as well.

I can't recreate the issues as it happens on the fly, and intermittently. I could/would share most anything I do so you would be able to diagnose.

I will try to grab a recording. With my luck, it behave as expected then!

Karen Hoffman

I was able to grab a couple of screen shots. Right now, I'm building some templates for a client to see. You will see the slide master shows "STENCIL" as the font and the slide level screen shot shows "STENCIL" but the font in the box is NOT Stencil....this is the best I can do for now. Even if I go into the text box and use the font selector, it won't change it. 

Karen Hoffman

Oh, my gosh, Alyssa!!! That wasn't the right file! I have no clue how I attached that instead of the one that was giving me issues. I've since given up on that one, and deleted everything that wasn't working. 

I am SO sorry - I'll keep this string bookmarked so I can send something over when I see it happen. Thank you SO much for looking at the one I sent over....

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