Font paragraph changing in Storyline 360 when working on different systems

Feb 11, 2020

Hello. I have Articulate 360 at home on a dell pc and at work on a dell pc. I have noticed recently that the paragraph spacing does not retain itself when opening a file on a different system. If I work on a file at home and then open the same file in the office, I usually have to look through all the slides and adjust any formatting that got out of alignment. Why doesn't Storyline 360 contain it's own formatting? Is there some setting I need to change within Storyline?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Sherri,

Sorry to hear your formatting was misaligned when you opened your file at home! Ensure you have each file saved to your desktop when you open it, and you may want to see if you have different versions of Storyline 360 on each computer.

You can check this by going to the Help tab, and clicking on About Storyline

If you do have the same versions, feel free to connect with our support team, and we can do some further digging into why your formatting may be off!

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