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karen forkish

Thanks so much for the replies! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to this.

Ashley, thanks for the links. I had looked at this information previously, but it always helps to review, and to know that its a good source.

Nancy, thanks for the idea about editing the font size in the html5 output. I"m glad to know of a workaround, but I think we probably revise things to often for this to be our favorite solution.

Great to hear your thoughts, I really appreciate the feedback!


Jill McNair

Hi Karen,

One thing I have done is to capitalize all the letters and put a space in between them, like this: H A N D O U T

Sometimes that can improve readability.  Also, if you can choose fonts - select a bigger font (for example, Arial Black seems to be a little bigger than Arial).

Hope this helps!


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michelle!

You can certainly change the font for your player tabs. 

This setting is included within your Player Properties and you can check out our article here.

To change the font for player elements—like buttons and prompts—use the Player font drop-down. Your font selection will show in the preview area on the right side of the window.