Font size in Storyline Player

Sep 13, 2013

I know you are not able to change the Font size for your player tabs but are there any suggestions for a good font that would increase the size or have the Tabs pop out a bit more?

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Dennis Hall

Hi Jacob:

With a bit of web development skills, yes, you can modify the output results of your published product.

To edit the player font size(s) for story.html, you can edit the frame.xml file located in the story_content folder.

As well, you can create your own css overrides and include them in the head of your story_html5.html file for that output.

Regarding the mobile fonts, you will need to investigate the same type scenario for that.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Jacob Fordham

My code skills are pretty minimal so I was just looking for an easy way to increase the letter size of the tabs in the Player. I know there isn't an option to change the Font size but you can change the font style so I was seeing if anyone had a font they use when they are trying to have the tabs pop a bit more.

Tim Egan

Is it possible to have one of your Engineers or Support staff (who know how to code) reply to this post so we can get an answer to this question? I am in desperate need to change the player tab font size and I have a bit of development knowledge but can't seem to figure it out. There should be an easier option on the user interface to make these updates to the player.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim,

There is not a feature within the Storyline player to change the font size, although you're welcome to use the Storyline SDK to create your own player - but as it involves the writing of Flash code, it's not something we can provide support for. You may want to look into the SDK forum to see if there is anyone there who could provide you additional assistance.

Vanessa M

Hi Dennis,

I located my html file. Any chance you could direct me on how exactly to increase the font size for all the controls in my player. I have - menu, resources, help, exit, the lesson title, prev & next. I have vary basic code knowlege, but can change some numbers or add something then resave.


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