Font size issue

Mar 17, 2017

I am having issues with font sizes across multiple slides in a particular course. I have attached one slide for reference. This slide and all other slides in this course originated in PowerPoint, so I am wondering if something got "lost in translation" when the presentation imported into Articulate.

The bullet points in this slide look small, but it says they are size 28. On other similar slides, the text looks larger but is size 14.

When I highlight the text on this slide and attempt to resize it, it barely changes size at all no matter what font size I select. Short of deleting the text box and recreating it, are there any solutions for this?

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David Carr

I can't open your file because it's in a newer version of Storyline than my SL2, but I've seen a similar issue when the text box autofit settings are set to "Shrink text on overflow". Try changing this to "Resize shape to fit text". Once one text box is formatted correctly, use Format Painter on the other problematic boxes. Good luck!

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