Font Styling in Storyline

Hi Folks,

New to Storyline. I dont think Storyline accepts CSS.

Here is my challenge.

I have a course that I need to change the font and color in all the text boxes. How do I do that and How can I set that as a standard.

So I want all the headings to be a Verdana 24 and Blue Color

I want body text to be Verdana 14 and Blue Color.

How do I implement in the entire course, which has already been built.



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Phil Mayor

This depends on how you set the font in the first place.

If you manually changed every text box from Articulate to your font then you will need to change every text box manually.

If you set the font susing the design tab then you should be able to change the font by selecting new theme fonts.

The colours can be changed in the design tab as well

Otherwise the best way is to doubleclick format painter and change each slide manually