Fonts not embedding in published output - Storyline 3


We're having a problem with the Avenir font not being embedded in the published output (Scorm) served on our LMS. The problem doesn't occur for all our users, but for those who do, their computer is substituting a serif font (looks like Georgia) instead of the sans serif and omitting letters (usually an F or a P).

See attached word doc with screen shots.

I thought Storyline was supposed to embed fonts. What gives? We have already developed a lot of courses using Avenir, which is our corporate font, before finding out about this problem.

Can anyone speak to this? Is there something different we should be doing when publishing?

Thank you.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Amber! 

Very sorry some of your learners are running into the wrong font. I'm happy to help! A couple of suggestions come to mind initially.

If you have already tried both of those suggestions and the font is still incorrect, check out the recommendations in this article. Let me know if any of that helps!

Sam Carter

We've had issues with missing fonts on random published packages.  Re-publishing sometimes it will render the font, other times not.

We've found that SL360 encodes the fonts (for HTML5) in a file output.min.css We're going to take a look at that file next time we get a bad package to see if it has any issues.


Amber Starfire

Thank you, Alyssa.

Yes, we're using the most current version of Storyline 3 and Modern Text Rendering is enabled. 

Thanks for that article though, which has a lot of helpful information . . . I performed a search for "embedded fonts" and didn't come up with anything. I should have searched for "missing letters" :-).

I'll check with our IT team to see if they've blocked untrusted fonts. Only some of our users are on Windows 10 (others are still on 7 Enterprise), so this could be the issue. We ask everyone to use Chrome, but use of IE could also be part of the problem. I'll look into it and post the results.

Thank you.