For drag & drop quiz, the targets disappear when slide times out

I'm a new Storyline user, and I want to use the drag and drop interactions. I've found them easy to set up. However, when I try to take the quiz, as soon as the slide timeline ends, my targets disappear.

How do I keep the targets visible for however long it takes the user to decide where to drop objects?

Thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marie and welcome to Heroes!

It sounds like you need to adjust the properties for these objects within the timeline. If you look at them within the timeline, you should see a small right facing arrow, indicating the object will show until the timeline ends. If you don't see that arrow, right click on the object and select "Show Until End"  this will allow the object to stay on the timeline until it ends.  You can find out more about working with the timeline here. 

Marie DesJardin

Thank you for replying, Ashley.

My objects are coded to end with the timeline. The problem is, it's a quiz. I need the drag targets to stay up and available until the user clicks Submit, whether this takes 15 seconds or 1 minute. What happens now, if the user only drops, say 2 out of 4 targets, the other 2 drop targets disappear when the timeline ends, and the user cannot complete the quiz.

Thank you!