Force LMS to open HTML on desktop?

Is there a way to force an LMS to open the HTML 5 content on a desktop versus Flash? I'm doing some experimenting, but it's very slow b/c I try something, send to client, upload to LMS, test, fail, repeat.

The first thing I tried was to edit index_lms.html:

I changed

strContentLocation = "story.html"; 

to be

strContentLocation = "story_html5.html"; 

It works if I test via SCORM cloud, but not for my client's LMS.

I'm going to try deleting story.html from the zip file and see if that forces the html5 content to open as a fall back.

Another idea is to rename index_lms_html5.html to index_lms.html. 

But as I said, I'm just taking shots. Any experienced advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Chris for sharing that here - I've always wondered about forcing SCORM Cloud to open the HTML5 output specifically as you can't point directly to the story_html5.html link. Since it's a modification of the published output, I can't offer any more advice - but I'd hesitate at deleting files...

Chris Ammon

Thanks Russ! I'll try editing the manifest.

Right now we are just testing, but we actually need the user to experience the HTML5 content on touch-screen laptop computers. We built simulated long-press triggers, but if the user long-presses their screen viewing the Flash content, then the Flash context menu open (because a long-press on touch screen is like a right-click). If they view HTML5 content, they can long-press without seeing that menu.