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May 22, 2017


  I am relatively new to using Articulate and I have changed the navigation restriction to "restricted" so employees have to complete the slide before the standard next button becomes enabled to move on in the module. The trouble I'm having is I have a slide that has three buttons and once I publish the module I can't get bast that slide.  Is there a way to have the navigation be forced, use buttons and still use the standard next buttons to move through the module?  Ideally I would like this slide to require the employees to click on the three buttons and then the next button would enable. 

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Heather Bunting

Thank you Michael and Wendy!

Unfortunately Michael the buttons.story you sent me says there's nothing there.  

Wendy, I tried the workaround you sent me yesterday, but my concern is employees will then be able to click "next" even if they haven't finished that slide. Is that accurate? Ideally I would like the slide to enable the next button once a user has clicked on all three buttons, but no matter how many times I click on the buttons or wait for the narration of the slide to finish once I publish my story I can't get the standard "next" to enabled so I can move to the next slide. 

Michael Shannon

Don't know what happened to that file but I'll try again. I don't have the menu restricted but as Wendy said the next button is tied to the timeline. But the file I'm sharing provides a way to do what you are trying to accomplish. Hopefully this time it'll upload properly (I checked the file and it was okay on my end - SL2). Maybe a server issue.

Heather Bunting

Unfortunately I have tried to add an attachment in multiple browsers multiple times and it is not attaching for some reason.  Do you know if there is some type of help desk or customer support I can call to walk them through what's happening and potentially do a screen share?  I tried Wendy's suggestion above of updating after I zip, but you can still click on the next button before the slide narration has finished which is what I'm trying to prevent.  If I turn on the "restricted" menu setting though I'm still having the issue where when I get to the slide with the buttons (each button has a layer) I can't get past it.


Mike Enders

Hi Heather,

If I'm reading your post correctly, you'd like to have restricted nav on the course, but on one particular slide, you'd like the learner to have to click 3 buttons before they can move forward. You can accomplish this with simple 3 steps.

1. Set course to restricted Nav.
2. On the slide with your buttons, add a trigger to set "Next" Button to disabled when timeline starts.
3. Then create a 2nd trigger to set "Next" Button to normal when the state of each button is visited.

I'm attaching a file as a reference. Let me know if this helps!


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