Format for word from text entry to drop point/transition )

Jun 17, 2022

I'm looking at the best solution:  This was previously built-in flash.

There are no right/wrong answers - so a fairly simple requirement I believe 3 words but you could make this up to 10 etc.

There are 50 words to choose from the "bank"(each with audio)  from the scrollable panel (which will now as per my draft (screen grab) be a text entry scroll  - there's a need to retain all the words/options. 

Once built with the 50 words they won't change so the Question will be modified/reused etc but options stay the same.

I can use text boxes - style the text font for each word and in addition, add audio and execution triggers.

With 10 words it is fairly easy to insert transition Arc/Straight to transition to the cloud ( drop area/target). 

User Clicks Word - Audio plays - glides to the cloud. 

1 - The only issue I can see with this format is that with so many words even increasing the cloud - the words will inevitably overlap if they are selected and their "drop" is close to one another etc.

- Are there any suggestions/solutions for this?

2 - My other issue both the cloud and reaction bank are separate images even though I've set Forward/Back positions when selecting "Text !" it transitions but disappears as if behind the cloud!

Many Thanks  ;-)


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