Formatting a layer in a Slide Master

I ran into an issue with my project yesterday regarding a layer not accepting the font formatting I had set up in my Slide Master. Come to find out, I have to add a layer to the Slide Master and format the font for that layer. The layer does not retain the font formatting of the base layer. Great news, I closed out my help ticket, just about hugged my coworker who gave me the solution and have continued in my development.

In my research in EH, though, I noticed that a lot of folks are not fluent in using Slide Masters (I'm not alone!) and my situation was not explained anywhere. I spent a long time on EH digging for an answer, to no avail.

Articulate staff - this is not an intuitive situation! Please mention layer formatting in the discussion for Slide Masters, as well as maybe some of the discussions regarding formatting and layers. If it's there, then I bow my head in shame for missing it.

You guys are great, thank you so much for all of the support you give out to the community. I obtained most of my development tools from EH!

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