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Oct 28, 2013

There seems to be a large white space in my marker labels that I cant remove. When I resize the label, a scroll bar appears, that in preview only displays the white area with no content. I think I looked everywhere to change it, but I am at a loss. Unfortunately, the option in "format shape" are grayed out. Any advice on how I can format the marker labels to fit the text?

If I can't, I will build my own markers with layers....I'd rather not as I have a TON of these to add. Thanks for your help everyone...

Screenshot attached.

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Steve, this can be a bit tricky to fix but try selecting the blank space after the period in the last sentence and then clicking delete. The label text has some invisible paragraph tags at the end which are causing the extra white space. I think this happens sometimes when you copy and paste text into the marker.

Precor Training

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for your reply, but this happens when I just type text as well. I have attached a short screencast  adding a marker and adding text to the marker label. When I try to adjust the label, the scrollbar appears even though there isn't any text. I made sure to highlight anything under the text and deleting it, but it wouldnt even allow me to select anything under the text entered. Thanks so much for your help.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to weigh in with some "misery loves company" support . I've run into this issue as well, also simply when typing in text.

Typically I CAN get SL to pay attention to the H/W I want for the label text box without extra space, but only after fiddling. I keep using the sizing arrows to resize the height and width and eventually the extra space goes away. That is, I keep making the label box wider/taller/narrower/shorter until it's fixed.

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Yahooo! After a lot of clicking, I found the magic key combo....and of course it is sooo easy. 

Step 1: Type your text into the label

Step 2: Adjust your label box to the desired size. A scroll bar will appear on the right. Just ignore it.

Step 3: Here's the magic. Once you have the size you want, simply click anywhere in the text on your label. The scroll bar disappears and label is the size you wanted. 

By the way, if you want to reduce the white space around the top, use the Articulate font (body). It has less padding around the font and therefore less white space.

mp4 attached...

Erica Berghout

Yes, Ashley, that is verry usefull!! thank you!

One other thing that i am trying to figure out...

Is it posible to change te size of te marker? I figured out how to resize other object, but i cant seem to change te marker size...

I would also like to give my compliments to this verry usefull side, and the speed of your response.

Kay Fenton

On a similar note to the above I want to add padding (add an internal margin) around the text of the marker but this option is grayed out in the Format Shape dialogue box.  Currently the text sits pretty much at the edges of the marker and I have a client that specifically wants a margin between the edge of the marker and the start of the text.

Any suggestions?

Joe Mullock

Hi Kay,

I was just looking for exactly the same thing and stumbled across this thread. I don't know if you had a chance to submit a feature request yet, but I did as Ashley suggested and submitted the following via the request page:

The "Format Shape" dialogue box is currently available when attempting to edit various attributes of a marker, however the "Text Box" options are grayed out.

It would be quite useful to have these options accessible so as to be able to change the padding or formatting of a text box within a marker label.

Bonus points if one were able to use the "Apply to All" feature to all edited markers within a specific slide, scene, or project.

Thanks for your consideration!

Hopefully this is something that could be incorporated into a future release!


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