Formatting questions slides: changing default design settings for questions and setting automatic indentation for answers.

Hi all, 

I'm currently working on an exam template. I'm already using the function of importing questions via excel and text. This works great for most part. Hope you can help me with some questions I have left about this.

How can I change the default design settings for questions? 
I'm looking for a way to automatically set (for all questions at once):

  • Feedback to None instead of By Question
  • Shuffle to None instead of Answers
  • Attempts to 3 instead of 1. 

In addition, I'm also running into a problem while formatting my radio buttons and check boxes. I've already customized my question master slide and adjusted my theme colors (I got rid of the blue glow in the hover and radio button YES!).  The thing I can't seem to figure out though is about the indentation of the answers.

How can I automatically set the indentation for all answers on all my questions?
The indentation is now set at zero. I've tried changing the indentation for my Choice text style on my master slide but it won't change the indentation for the answer. I know I can manually change the indentation for the whole Multiple Choice question, but when I need to import 200 questions in an exam, this is still a lot of manual labor. I've also inserted a radio button and manually formatting it the way I want for the exam, I included setting the indentation to 0,1, and then setting this as the default for the radio button. This, however, only sets the formatting for the button and the dot, and not the indentation for the text. 

Hope you can help!
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Lauren Connelly

Hi Anniek!

Great questions!

We currently don't have a way to change the attempt settings, feedback settings, or shuffle settings for all questions at once. These settings are set for each individual question. 

One way to change the layout of all question slides is by using the Slide Masters and Apply Layout tab.

First, you'll need to make changes to the Slide Master. Then select all of the question slides, and choose Apply Layout in the Home tab. Select the layout you want all question slides to have. You should see all the selected slides change the format. Here's a Peek to see what it looks like in action!

Please let me know if you run into any snags!