Duplicating Multiple Choice Question Slides - States keep old text.

Oct 23, 2020

Can anyone else duplicate this problem?

  1. Create a multiple Choice Graded Question with 4 options
  2. Change hover state of radio button options to a different colour
  3. Change Left padding of the radio buttons option's shape to 20px
  4. Duplicate slide
  5. Enter new options on duplicate
  6. Preview duplicate slide, hover or select radio button options - Text from original slide set as state.

It's driving me nuts - is it just me?

I've basically had to start from the template and format paint* every radio button. I've tried setting my button format values as a default by right clicking-->Set as Default Radio button but that feature doesn't seem to work.


*Update: oh, it's format paining text from states as well, so basically i have to set the formatting on each individual option :/

Edit: the format painting issue seems to be a bug - If I use the selected radio button as the host of the formatting to be painted, it copies the selected state text to the target radio buttons. Annoying, but at least I can get around it. 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Alan,

In my experience, question slides have always been a bit "quirky" (to put it politely). When I start a project that will include a quiz, I prep one slide for each question type that I'm likely to use. I keep those in an extra scene I call "storage." Then, when needed, I copy a pre-designed question slide, paste it where needed, and revise the question and response text.  I've found that this bit of work up front ultimately saves me time.

Alan Ball

Yes, I've had tons of problems with Quiz questions, from Slide Masters that don't work, feedback masters that don't preserve formatting, this weird problem with buttons not saving default formatting like buttons outside of a quiz etc etc etc. Quirks do not a good piece of software make. Every niggle is productivity lost. 

I have a store of common components and slides, still happens when I copy those...

Latest fun thing is when I try to copy the question text into the form view, the field remains blank but pastes the text into a new text box in the slide view 🙄

I've had 6-months off with furlough, so perhaps I'm just more sensitive to annoying quirks than before.