hover radio/checkmark state of prebuilt graded question can't be added??

Oct 10, 2023


My goal is to get the radio button to appear in the hover state of Multiple Choice and checkmark to appear also in the hover state of Multiple Response. Both are the prebuilt Graded Questions. Basically, the hover would appear the same as the selected state except without the glow.

I do not want to build a customized button slide as it's more easier to edit with the prebuilt question each year upon revisiting this project. I've included my SL file.



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Jose Tansengco

Hello Rob, 

Happy to help!

You'll need to manually edit the built-in hover state of each answer choice to add a radio button if you'd like to achieve the desired effect, similar to what I did in the screenshot: 

You'll need to make this change for each answer choice of every question so the radio button appears during hover. I've attached an edited version of the project file that you shared so you can see how I was able to apply this solution to the first slide in the course. 

Hope this helps!