Formatting size and postion for text boxes

I am working on a course that was imported into Storyline from a power point. Unfortunately the person who created the power point has the title boxes for each slide in a slightly different position on each slide. Is there a way to adjust the position for all title text boxes all at once? Doing it slide by slide is very tedious.

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Karyn Aberts

Thanks, but that doesn't really make it any easier. You are still having to adjust each text box just now so in PPT. In Captivate you have an option to associate a format with all items of the same type, so as an example you could set al title boxes to be at the same x and y points for the entire project.

I have tried playing with the Master Slides in Storyline to make adjustments but if you already have text on the slide and then try to set the layout, it just seems to put the layout over top of the already existing text boxes instead of adjusting the existing text boxes to match the master slide properties of size, placement, and font.