Formatting Slides Notes and Editor

Aug 07, 2019


First, I want to be clear these are the notes below the slide in developer view, not for the learner. What I have found is it doesn't matter what I do inside the file, the formatting is a mess and changes fonts/sizes on its own seemingly, even after being reset many times. I also publish these to Word often for reviewers. It is horrible to deal with. Even though I have it set for font/size, it opens in Word in completely different font/size it is somehow choosing on its own. Why is this happening? Can you please fix this editor. If I have font set to Articulate in the course, why would it publish to Open Sans? I have checked everything in my Player settings. I don't have Open Sans set anywhere, but rather Articulate. This is really inconvenient and annoying. I hope you fix this area.

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