Formatting Text Boxes for Try-It Exercise

Sep 22, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I have a lengthy try-it software exercise that contains a lot of small input boxes for dates (separate mo,day,yr). I sized them all the same and set to arial 9, but after publishing, some look like times, others are very large, some very small.

Does anyone have any tips for formatting these text entry boxes? I have some where month is 9pt, day is 7pt and year is 4 pt just to make it look correct on the output! There has to be a trick to this!!

Lisa (SL2)

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Lisa Smyser

Not exactly, but that's a fantastic tip that will be very helpful! I'm trying to understand why I'm needing to set custom text sizes for each field just to make them look right on the screen.  If I set them all to the same font and size, each field looks different when published! It's bizarre.

I was able to make them look ok, but it was time consuming to go through each field and practice with the font size until it looked okay on the preview. A few of them had to again be adjusted because they looked different after publish. I was just hoping someone had seen this and had a short cut for the next time.

Thanks for the tip though, I will use it for sure!

Lisa Smyser

Hi Ryan,

I really appreciate the offer and any other time I'd take you up on it, but this project is for a highly regulated industry and there's no way to remove sensitive information, because it's the software! I've never seen this issue before and hope to never see it again! I've spent way too much time, but it's working reliably now with all the funky font sizes, and it looks good so I'm going with it.


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