Formula calculation

Jun 06, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I need to perform a calculation in the storyline, which has the formula in it. 


User Input (a,b,c) and I have created the variables (E, F, G, H)

To Find:


and have to display





Is this something that can be done in Storyline or does it require javascript? 

Any help is much appreciated!



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Dave Ruckley

You could do this if you break it up into a number of triggers. There may be a more slick way of doing this but just using storyline triggers this is probably the easiest way.

divide b by c
divide a by b (which is now different to what was entered)
multiply a by 2
Set E to value of a

That's the first bit. Then you just need to calculate the others. You'll see that after each answer is set I multiply E again so that the next set of calculations can happen.

Multiply E by 2
Set F to that answer
Divide E by 2

Multiply E by 4
Set G to that answer
Divide E by 4

Multiply E by 6
Set H to that answer
Divide E by 6

I've attached a storyline file which should help make sense of this!