Using Variables to Create a Conditional Form and Output

Greetings! First time posting, however I attended an Articulate Heroes road show and it was amazing! I am looking for some help or advice putting together a form with four 'either/or' inputs and a submit button. Based on the in puts entered by the learner it should provide a specific output. Just as a rough example:

- Choice #1: A or B

- Choice #2: C or D

- Choice #3: E or F

- Choice #4: G or H

Leaner chooses A, D, F, and G and clicks 'Submit"

Based on the inputs (A, D, F, G) the output (slide) is specific based on the input.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks much!

Ethan Evans-Hilton

Sr. Instructional Designer


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Ethan Hilton

I just want to post a note real quick so you don't think I'm ignoring this. I am playing around with this structure right now and I think it has given me a jumping off point. Have to head out now for the Holidays however so back to this on Friday. I'll update then. Thanks so very much! Your help is GREATLY appreciated.