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May 08, 2020

This is my drag and drop settings.

Drag and drop setting

Hi guys,

This is the challenge I am facing. I need to know how to switch a variable from true to false or vise versa if one drag item (drag a) is replaced by the second drag item (drag b) in a specific drop target (drop a)

(drag a) (drag b)
       (drop a)

Is there a way to switch a variable (varA) from true to false, if drag a is returned to the original position because drag b replaced it inside drop a? 

How can I translate this to trigger? "adjust varA to false if moved outside a drop area"

Currently, these 2 are the only events available.

drag and drop events

Thanks for your upcoming suggestions! I really love Storyline over any other product, and the community is awesome!

Kind regards,



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Sid!

Great question! It would be helpful if we could see what you've created so far! Would you mind sharing either the project or slide with us?

To share the file, you can either:

  • Attach it to this discussion by using the Add Attachment button. This will give community members the chance to test the file and share their tips and tricks!
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Sid Smith

Hi Lauren

Here's the file. Issue can be replicated on 2nd attempt when you try to move a drag item back to their point of origin.


1. Can you make a drop target detect if it's empty or not? 

2. Can a drag shape return to normal state, when it's back in the original position?


Lauren Connelly

Hi Sid, and thank you Walt for stepping in!

1. Can you make a drop target detect if it's empty or not?

This isn't a built-in option in Storyline to detect if a drop target is empty or not. However, I know this could be achieved with a workaround. I'll let our community members pop in to share how they would design detecting if the drop target is empty.

2. Can a drag shape return to the normal state when it's back in the original position?

Yes! You can add this trigger for each object on the Try Again layer. This will make sure that you can drag the objects to the original position and/or another drag item without having the incorrect or correct icon. 

Thanks for sharing your file! It's such an impressive build in Storyline!

Sid Smith

Hi Lauren.

I realized that the suggestion will not work on my design because I need to change the state of the variable or the shape to normal when it's booted out from a drop target by another drag item. BUT I did find a workaround to make everything work. Let me share the file. 

The workaround is I added an invisible shape behind the point of origin of the drag items. I then put a move trigger to the shape for 59 seconds to simulate an intersection when a shape goes back in the point of origin. This changes the variable back to false. 

So in the upper left of the screen, the user can only submit the quiz if all variables are true. (1 per drag item) if any of the variable is false, they can't submit it. 

Thanks for your replies though! More power!




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