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Jan 06, 2014


There is a computer at work which I will have access to in a few weeks with Articulate Storyline but in the meantime I would like to begin working with it. If I download the free 30 day trial onto my home computer to begin working on it for a few weeks will I then be able to easily transfer the work I've done to the computer at work and continue to work on this after the 30 day trial has expired? I'm assuming I will be able to but I'm just checking in case there is some kind of key that will block my access to the files after the trial has expired.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi William and welcome to Heroes! 

The free trial is a full version of the software, so you'll be able to access all components of the Storyline program and save your files for later use. We recommend always creating and editing the .story file on your local drive, but if you need to access the files on a new computer you'll just want to make sure you save them to the local drive before opening and working on them, and you could follow along with this method for collaborative workflows. 

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