freeform drag and drop - cant drop onto targets ?


I'm just wondering if anyone has encountered this problem before?

I have a drag and drop activity which works fine when running the HTML5 version locally, but when I upload it and view it online I cant drop the drag items onto the targets - it's like the functionality breaks.

I've tried it both it the target wordpress based system, and also stand alone (below):

While chrome deals with the animation well, firefox does not but for previous drag and drops I've created the functionality has been fine in the target system so no idea why this one's different. (all settings are the same etc..)

Any help appreciated!



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Ashley Reynolds

Hi Nick,

Thanks for replying.

I think I've sussed out the issue.  I've changed the targets from images to transparent shapes and that seems to have fixed it.

Where they were working locally, they weren't working when viewed online (from above link) however this V2 link shows it now working:

I have tested across multiple browsers and they all work fine, but as you mentioned there is an issue with android, which i'll need to look at a fallback for.  iOS devices appear to handle it fine by opening in the separate player.