Freeform drag and drop review slide going to correct question

Sep 15, 2021

I have created a review slide for a freeform drag and drop question by naming the layer "review".  This works fine and shows up as a review slide but I only want the learner to be able to review slides that were incorrect (I have set this up on the review slides trigger).  On the review slide for the drag and drop, the next button trigger is set as "Jump to next slide" but it goes to the next review slide regardless of whether it was correct or incorrect.  Is there any way to make it so it will only show incorrect review slides?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Sally!

You can control which questions are reviewed by editing the Review results trigger on the Results Slide. If you only want the user to review questions answered incorrectly, then you'll want this trigger.

This article explains this in more detail!

If that doesn't do the trick, can you share your .story file with us? You can attach it to this discussion or upload it privately in a support case.

Sally Bowes

Hi Lauren,
Yes I have selected that trigger but the review slide for the drag and drop is a custom review slide (I created it as a layer and named it review). So it shows up in the review slides when the answer is incorrect, which is great. But when I progress to the next review slide, which should be the next incorrect slide, it takes me to the next review slide regardless of whether it is correct or incorrect. The trigger on the drag and drop custom review slide is jump to next slide. I was wondering if there was a better trigger to use. Unfortunately, I can’t share the storyline file due to a confidential agreement.

Becca Levan

Hi Sally, happy to jump in here!

Could you try disabling the jump to next slide trigger on the custom review layer you created for the drag and drop slide to see if that makes a difference?

I recreated a similar project, and if I don't add that trigger, things work as expected: Here's my test.

Keep us posted!