Freeform Text Entry Question Triggers Error on First Attempt When Answer is Nearly-Correct

May 06, 2019

I am attempting a freeform question with six text entry fields. When the fields are entered correctly, the Correct layer displays properly, but I cannot get the Incorrect and Try Again layers to work consistently. Here’s what I’ve observed:

- When I enter gibberish into the fields, Storyline clearly recognizes this as incorrect, triggers the Try Again layer, and then triggers the Incorrect layer after the second attempt. This is fine.

- When the answer is close to correct (one extra letter in a field, for example), Storyline activates the You must complete the question before submitting error message.

- The error message only activates when the nearly-correct answer is entered on the first attempt.

- If the learner enters gibberish on the first attempt, and the nearly-correct (but wrong) answer on the second attempt, the Incorrect layer displays properly.

I’ve worked on this for hours upon hours and tried everything I can to fix it. Storyline file attached.

The six text fields are:
1. Introduction and Greeting
2. Build Rapport
3. Invite Purpose
4. Reassure Consult
5. Confirm Agenda
6. Confirm Time Contract

I’d greatly appreciate any insight on this one. Thank you!

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David Schwartz

Hi Sarah,

That was a tricky way you got the freeform to work. Pretty cool. Anyway, the issue here is the trigger for the Incorrect object. The conditions should all be set to OR rather than AND. Currently, it only gets triggered if they are all wrong (for instance the gibberish), but if any one of the answers is correct, it won't get set, thus the incomplete message.


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