Freeform & Trigger Drag & Drop Groups

Mar 31, 2014

I want to use grouped objects for drag and drop interactions.

Drag & Drop with objects and text works.

It doesn't appear to register a correct drop with groups.

Also, note that only dragging the image will drag the group, not the text.

See my attached example.

Note: The only work around I have found is to flatten the group content into one image with a transparent alpha layer. This is obviously less than ideal and causes image compression artifacts on the text.

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Greg Damron

Hello Nicholas,

Here's a method for using drag and drop for grouped objects that may give you more flexibility and solve your image compression issues.

Select the main drag and drop object you are you are wanting to use and instead of grouping it directly with other items,

1) place the other items where you would like them as if you were going to group them

2) once in place select all items except the main item previously identified, right click and cut them

3) now go to view states for the main item, click to open the edit states feature and right click to paste the items into the normal state of the main item and save

You've now created an internal group within the state of a single item which will work nicely with the drag and drop interaction and provide increased flexibility for design and quality. Much easier than creating additional image files!

I used your sample file to create an example from your Text 1 object, adding two more items to its normal state.

Here's also a quick screenshot of mid-process in case it would be helpful (the items have just been pasted in).

Best of luck with your project!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Simon! 

This thread is a bit dated and I'm not sure if anyone is still subscribed to the thread that could assist you here.

You are welcome to try to reach out to Greg directly via the 'Contact Me' option on his profile if you'd like.

Your best bet may be to try it in your course and see if it fits your need :) Duplicate your slide and try it, that way you can easily undo if it does not fit your need.

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