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Christine Hendrickson

Hi again Graham :)

For changing the buttons, etc., you'll want to change the text labels and language.

Here's a tutorial and some videos that may help with your project:

How to localize courses (You'll probably be more interested in the second video "How to localize your player")

Changing the Player's Text Labels

Let me know if you have any questions.


Graham Gordon

You are making my life rockin easier.....thank you.  I current have developed an english and french module.  Before I knew how easy it was to translate the content of the Articulate project, I had out translation folks do the translation on the Powerpoint (this was a pain to get the two projects the same timing etc.).  However, I did not have the question banks developed at the time.  Since my first language is english I mad the quizbanks in english.  Now all I need translated is the quizbank.  Is there a way to have only a portion of the project translated and then added back into the module?

Thanks so much.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Graham!

Wonderful :) Happy I could help!

For the question banks, are you needing to pull them out of the file and send them over for translation? What you could do is publish the question banks to Word and share them with the person that needs to translate the content. 

Jeanette made a screencast not too long ago on how to do this:


However, I'm not sure you'd be able to import the question banks back into Storyline this way. You may need to replace the original text with the translated text, once it has been completed. 

Also, one piece of advice:

If you do use this method, make sure you go over the questions and the answers that are published to Word. I have seen some rare cases where some answers weren't included and the project had to be sent out for translation a second time. While this isn't something I've seen a lot of, it's best to double-check just to be safe. Hopefully that will save you some time :)


Graham Gordon

Thanks Christine.  I thought I would have to insert the translated questions back into the project my self rather than be able to import the question bank back into the project.  Too bad I didn't realize the potential of this program prior to having the ppt translated......makes it lots easier when you ecport translation, have it translated and import the translated content.....what a cool featuer especially since I work for the Canadian Federal Government and all content has to be provided to learners in both French and English.........

Keep in touch.