Frequent crashes recently

I use Articulate 360. Within the last week, I have had frequent issues with the program stopping; I get the error box, which I have filled out numerous times; but have seen no resolution. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the program, and it helped for a short period of time; but I am now having the problem again. This is while doing things as simple as adding text to a slide or layer. Not complex or intensive work. 

Any insights would be appreciated. I am going to uninstall/reinstall again:-)

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Katie Riggio

Hi Colleen,

Thanks for writing in and sending your file to our Support team to review! I see you and Lianne found that a corrupt object in a scene is causing the error:

To isolate which object/slide in the scene is causing the crash, divide the course into sections and preview each one.

Once you get to the section where the error shows up, individually preview each slide from that section to find the corrupt element. Then, try removing the objects from that slide one-by-one and preview the slide each time to isolate which item from that slide is corrupt.

We're on standby if you have any questions!

Katie Riggio

Hi Kristi,

Sorry to hear that error appears on any file. I'm happy to jump in!

Here are a few initial tactics for us to take:

  • Make a copy of the .story file, and then change its name. Does the copy open?
  • If that doesn't work, let's try a simple repair of Storyline 360. Here are the steps.

If we're still stuck, let's get you connected with our Support team through this link. They'll do everything they can to determine what's causing that error!

Kristi Riley

Hi. I went through those steps last week to repair it, and it worked fine for the rest of the day. However, I'm having issues again today. Specifically, either the file will not open because it says it is already in use by another process, or worse, once I finally get the file open the file will randomly close while I'm in the middle of working. The most recent development is Storyline not staying open before I even open a specific file. I'll try to grab some screenshots for you.

Kristi Riley

And in a recent development, I tried starting a new project. After I set up my player, and hit preview (with no assets added to the screen) the program gave me the standard "something went wrong, what were you doing..." spiel. Any time I hit preview it would repeat this. 

I have uninstalled, again, and will reinstall, again, and see if this works. I notice there are multiple reports of crashes over the last few weeks. This can't be coincidence, so I'm curious if your team has some thoughts on what has happened to cause the new bug?

Kristi Riley

And again, after having uninstalled and reinstalled, the crashes /bugs persist. There was a new one this time - it changed my player to Classic, complete with all the bells and whistles checked, from Modern and minimalist.

What seems to trigger the crashes most frequently are copy>paste (anything within a slide, even  text), and preview. The program is having difficulty even opening, and seems to be hesitating as if something is happening in the background to disrupt it. 

Please fix this asap.