From Storyline to PHP and back

Hello (once more)

I would like to pick up a storyline variable and send it to a php script on a server for processing. After processing, the php script will send back a response in the shape of a variable.

I would like to display the returned variable inside storyline.

I understand that I would probably need to use javascript to make this happen as storyline does not speak php.

Any help greatly appreciated - especially examples put together by others to do this.

Thank you


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Trina Rimmer

Hey Andrew. Thanks for sharing your question with us. I don't have personal experience working with Storyline variables and PHP scripts as you've described, but hopefully others in the community may be able to give some advice. I've tweeted a link to your posting to see if we can get you some more answers. In the meantime you may also find some helpful information in this discussion thread.