Frustrating seekbar issue.

Hi folks,

I'm about to go crazy, as this is the first time this is happening, but maybe I'm missing something, so here it goes.

I have a simple presentation slide with a single layer and the seekbar enabled. I have the layer appearing 7 seconds in the slide (pausing the timeline) with a simple trigger (first it was a timeline trigger, then an object trigger, then an offstage button), and then I close it with an exit button. It works fine normally, but IF you click on the seekbar AFTER the 7 second mark on the base layer, the timeline pauses and the layer comes up again, no matter what!

It's a simple base layer, nothing more to it - it just works as an interim help slide (instead it turns out I need all the help)!

Any workarounds? Besides breaking the slide into two seperate pieces?


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Steve Flowers

Hey Alex - 

Can you post an example? Having trouble visualizing. Are you using a timeline event or cuepoint event? Those will trigger whenever the seekbar is moved within the "zone" after the time or cuepoint and the next time or cuepoint trigger. 

I've avoided using cuepoint and timeline events for this reason.

Steve Flowers

It almost sounds like you still have a timeline event still active somewhere. I think the hiding the layer trigger .10 sec down the line is throwing interference for the other trigger. You could test the theory by changing the trigger to change a variable. 

The seekbar timeline events thing is annoying. Curious to know the cause in your case.

Steve Flowers

Blah. I don't remember it behaving this poorly before. It's being super annoying with the timeline. I have a really old example of a video synced with layer popups at cardinal points in the video. 

This feels like a bug. I used to do this a ton and it never misbehaved like this. My suggestions above won't help. Playing with it for a bit to see if I can find a workaround. Your hide layer trigger seems to be the only good solution in this case. Bug.

Steve Flowers

Here's another super-goofy workaround that keeps the event from firing continuously when the seekbar is dragged. Rather than When Timeline Starts on a trigger object, use When the State of object is NOT hidden. Timeline objects are there even when they aren't visible. The timeline basically controls visibility. So taking advantage of that one time binary switch end-arounds the event bug.


Alexandros Anoyatis

I understand there might be scenarios where this behavior might come in handy, but I just wish the current "feature" was a little more clear - why not add an additional trigger option - say "at exactly" x sec, which would only fire up an event at that specific time in the timeline...

I mean, at this point the functionality isn't exactly "when timeline reaches" but more like "when timeline reaches or at any point after that".

Steve Flowers

It didn't do this in release 4. I'm using it for a course I just published in the previous version and it's not firing continuously like this when my trigger objects are in view. Similar construction to what you're trying to do. I'll try it again when I get to work. We're always a version or 2 behind:)

Steve Flowers

Hey Alex - 

Just tested in release 4 of SL2 and the latest of SL1. The issue was there for those as well. Not sure how this never irked me before. I was sure that I'd built things that didn't display this issue. Even when the object is not extended into the timeline, the trigger still fires on drag of the seekbar.

Your hide trigger or my state event change from hidden seem to be reliable workarounds.

Alexandros Anoyatis

Yeah, me too - and the thought of having to re-test each of my recently published projects for this behaviour is terrifying...

The most worrying thing though isn't the changed approach, but the fact that the seekbar - as it stands - only makes sense for slides that contain layers which do NOT require user interaction to get out of.

For example: Try including a layer with an inline "exit" button, and the seekbar for the layer turned off and base slide paused, and then run the slide. Once you get to the layer, instead of clicking on the exit button, click on the play button to the left of the seekbar and watch as it goes on to play the rest of the slide with the layer still on...