Full review before results slide?

May 04, 2020

Hi all

Hope you're all keeping safe in this strange new world! I have an online assessment, pulling 16 questions from a few question banks (totalling 76 questions)...

What i want the learner to be able to do is review all questions and change answers if need be after they've completed the 16. Obviously, i don't want them seeing their result at this stage.

All questions have submit buttons inside the the slide and have the 'Submit interaction' associated with them reporting to the final result slides. So I could put a slide in before the results taking them back to the beginning of the assessment, but I'm not sure how this would ensure the same questions appear as the pull down is random for all questions in the bank(s).

I guess I also need to change the Submit button so it doesn't report til the 'Final Submit' is done.

Have any of you hero's come across this with a solution before?


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