Full screen view of the output for html5 ipad & web browser(pc)

May 30, 2013

We have worked in the player css file to increase the size of the components like Menu button and the menu items, Notes and notes (description).
We have increased the story line size (slide size) from default size ( 720 x 540 px) to the custom size for ipad ( 1889 x 1080 px). If we do this modification we have to adjust each slide content to the new size and also modify the drag and drop target areas in the triggers (script).
This is more specific for ipad, the css will apply only for the html 5 output, but the story line size (slide size) will be reflected for both web and ipad.
We also modified the default player control buttons like volume, play, pause and reload, previous and next buttons, play seek bar as well.
The problem now is when i view the same lesson in the web browser (computer), the size is very big (1889 x 1080) which brings both the vertical and horizontal scroll bar. Is there any specific story size for the slides for both the web browser and ipad html5 version (mobile safari)?
Thanks in advance
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