Functions don't work in preview

Apr 26, 2023

Hi! I'm creating a training on storyline 360. I'm frustrated because I am following all of the steps I learned in the training videos and the previews aren't working. 

I'm trying to create multiple triggers within the same slide that each go to a different layer. When I preview, only two of my triggers work and the rest don't. If I start the preview over again the ones that hadn't worked before work now, but I can only click two triggers per preview.

I thought I was making a mistake, so instead of layers I switched to having the triggers go to completely new slides. However, when I preview this, it tells me that it can't complete that function in the preview. 

I'm wondering if this is a common error? I don't know if it is me or the system not working correctly. However, whenever I click on the icons that weren't working in the preview, the correct trigger is highlighted on the side. So each icon has a trigger, but they aren't doing them in the preview which has me worried I'm not doing it right. 

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Math Notermans

One other thing to keep in mind about triggers is that they work sequentially in order.
A really simple example is... you might have 2 triggers.... 1 closing a SlideLayer ( lets call this tA), 1 changing a state of an element on that SlideLayer ( lets call this tB) ...

This order will not work:
running tA
running tB

And this order will work:
running tB
running tA

Although your layer is closed, so you might not see it happening ;-)

Walt Hamilton

If it is a JavaScript problem, JS runs only in the published version. You have to publish to the web to test it. :(

The preview icon in the ribbon defaults to preview entire project, while its drop-down gives options. I’m partial to selecting two or three slides, then previewing Selected slides.

Somehow, the link didn’t make it.

Steven Benassi

Hi Gratia!

Sorry to hear you're still experiencing issues with the functionality of your triggers!

If you are comfortable sharing your file publicly here in the discussion, you can do so by clicking on the Add Attachment button right at the bottom of the text box when replying:

If you would prefer to share it privately, you also have that option by opening a support case and attaching it there:

Please let me know if you have any more questions!


Jose Tansengco

Hi Gratia, 

Thanks for sharing a copy of your project file. 

Would you mind sharing a recording of how to replicate the issue you're experiencing so we'll know exactly how to modify your slide and layer settings to fix the issue? 

Here's an observation that I made regarding your project file: 

For the customer tab in Slide 1.6 as an example, it appears that you were trying to show the layer 'Customer', but instead you redirected the learner to slide 1.10, which shows the same exact content. You can try going through your triggers to review if you intended to show a 'layer' or if you actually meant to navigate the learners to another slide to make sure that everything is setup as intended. 

Looking forward to your response!