Fuzzy slide clarity from screencasting - improves when clicking in try mode!

I've read a lot about the clarity issues Articulate Storyline has with screencasting but wanted to know if anyone has had an experience where they record a screen cast, then when they go through it as a try mode and click somewhere on a slide to proceed the image becomes clear. Unfortunately it doesn't stay clear ... it reduces in clarity once I'm done clicking but I found this odd. I didn't see any updates in the most recent release addressing this issue but thought I would ask. 

Thanks for any thoughts!

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Janelle! Really sorry you're seeing some fuzziness on the slide after going through Try Mode – I'd be happy to dig deeper into that with you!

A few questions to start:

  • Are you seeing the quality difference when in Preview or in your published output as well? 
  • Are you able to share some screenshot examples, so we can compare how the slide looks when in Try Mode and after?

I'll be here!

Janelle  Metz

Hi Katie,

I see quality difference in preview and published modes. I am uploading screen shots I loaded in PowerPoint. The first image is original, the second is when I click on the screen. The quality of the original video is not that clear, either ... like many people have complained about ... but the quality definitely erodes when I transform it with the try mode. :( I've tried a lot of resolution adjustments to try to overcome this. It's been tough. 

Katie Riggio

Thanks for sharing your experience and those visuals with us, Janelle! Please know you came to the right place for help 🌟To help us dive deeper –

  • Can you share a little more detail on what you were recording?
  • Can I confirm what version of Storyline you're using?
  • Are you publishing your course to Web, LMS, or something else? If Web, do you notice that quality change on a specific browser?
  • Lastly, are you able to share your .story file here or privately through this link, so I can take a closer look?

I also wanted to share some best practices for screen recordings in the meantime – let me know if that helps! I'll be standing by!