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Jul 14, 2015

Hi Community PPL,

I'm Glad to be a part of this well versed E-learning community.

In a difficulty, time and again this community has proved as a boon for me.

I have developed this attached TMG course. I just need a leverage to my applied logic.

Here in this Territory Management Game project, my client required to build a game which includes collection of money from ten different branch offices and to make this activity time bound.

I used Articulate Storyline2 tool to fabricate a web of 100 scenes, approx 8,000 triggers, layers, multimedia functionality, math equations and object states, in order to modulate the project as per client's requirements.

Now after course delivery, my client need to fix the speed hiccup - the way car navigates. "Painfully slow" and the unacceptable delay between the navigational button clicks in the game.

I need some aspiration from Articulate E-Learning Heroes !

Warm Regards,

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jayant,

Can you share a bit more info about what you mean in reference to the speed? Animations and slide elements loading may be an overall bandwidth issue for them - so you may want to look at reducing layers, media elements, etc on problematic slides. Also as an additional piece of info, here is how Storyline preloads content to prevent playback delays. 

Jayant G

Hello Ashley,

Thanks for acknowledging my query.

By speed i referred to the flow with which the course propels from slide to slide with the click of each navigational button (user interaction). With each click there is a jump of slide and each slide has essential media elements/layers/object states/triggers.

Its the delay in loading of each slide while navigating car,  is what bothering my client. And me too !

My logic behind this was to form four object states of car, one for each direction and then to create a slide for each route.

Resultant was, I ended up in building a web of 100 slides that are interconnected w.r.t. navigational buttons.

Is there an single slide solution for this course to dodge the content loading issue ?




Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jayant, 

Yeah - it's a lot of triggers and media elements. I am not a designer, so I can't say that there is another method around it and there isn't a way to change how the slide content loads. 

Have you tried testing it on a few different servers, in different browsers, internet speeds to see if there are any recommendations you can make about where to view the content? 

Joseph Ferraro

Hi Jayant,

Older post, but thought it'd be worth mentioning because this drove me nuts on a project for a while.

Take a look at any of your motion paths in the Animation stab, under Path Options > Easing > Direction. It looks like each of your motion paths currently have "direction easing" enabled for both in and out. This is a feature that creates a slowdown at both the beginning and end of the motion path. You'll want to change that to none for all the motion paths.

You can also reduce the duration of the animation from 2 seconds down to something less to increase speed.

There's a pic attached of where that direction feature is if you might find it helpful. IMO easing should be disabled by default, for this very reason. :)


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