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Emily Ruby

Hello Debbie!

You could add a new variable right/wrong as numbers default to 0. Have them add 1 to each based on the selection box they choose. Then have the failure layer appear when Wrong = 5 or Right = 12 when they click the continue buttons on each layer.

I will put something together in a your file and post it on here in a bit.

Emily Ruby

Hi Debbie!

Attached is a file. I added 2 variables, RightAnswer, and WrongAnswer. For each answer check box, it is triggered to add 1 to one of these variables based on whether it is right or wrong. then added a trigger on the continue button to show Failure layer if WrongAnswer is =3, and show Congrats layer if RightAnswer is equal to 3, (I only added these variable triggers to the first 3, so you could change these numbers accordingly:) 

With this file, If you get STK, CUV and ARC wrong the failure will appear, if you get them all right, the congrats will appear. 

If you need them to get at least 5 wrong, you should be able to only add the trigger to show the layers on the continue button on the 5th question and beyond, since it seems they have to go in order with this game.

Hope this helps! 

i am sure there are other ways to achieve this, and others may jump in with additional ideas.


Debbie Thompson

HI! another question.... Can I add a trigger so an email is sent to someone if the user does not score 12 or higher? This game will be added into a course which will have a test at the end so I don't think I can have the game score and the test results both submitted to the LMS.