Jan 15, 2015

Can someone tell me if a variable will go into the negative? I'm creating a game with a point system for each question; if the answer is right they get 5 points and if the answer is wrong it will minus 5 points. The first slide if the answer is wrong the variable does not change so I was thinking this may be the problem.




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Michael Hinze

The Default value of your Points variable is set to 6. With that, a correct answer for the first question would result in 12 points, while an incorrect answer would result in 0 Points. If you want 6 points for correct and -6 for incorrect, then you need to set the default value of your variable to 0.

June Ganes

Thank you so much for helping me, I hope I'm not driving you crazy. I understand what you are saying but I'm confused on the default setting. The trigger states Add value of  6 when user clicks which is what I want it to do. Should I change the 6 to zero and if so how does the value get the points?