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Nov 25, 2014

Dear all,

Currently I am working on the project for doctors making medical Gameshow. How can I add to the project progress tracing for each of the doctors team (number of points on the top of the board for each team)? In other words, all the participants who are in the room can see on the screen own and colleges’ progress - how to do it? Any proposals are welcomed!!! Thanks in advance for all the replies and ideas!!!

Best regards, Evgeny

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Evgeny!

Sounds like a fun project! 

I'm not quite clear on what you're wanting to do yet, but I think I have an idea. Can you define your goal further?

When you say "all participants who are in the room can see on the screen own and colleagues progress" - is this a facilitated-led game with that one person is interacting with while a classroom of participants view on a big screen?

Evgeny Bogomazov

Hi Kevin, first of all thanks for you replay. Currently we are making project for the group of doctors. They will take part in the round table discussion devoted to the treatment of diabetis (second type). In order to make it live and fun but not dull and boring, we came to the conclusion that it would be good approach to create "GameShow" devoted to this issue.   

It is second event of them. During fist one we introduced for doctors table game on how to communicate to the patient successufuly and cartoons on the same theme. It was really great. Now, we decided to make two additional activities - computer game (quest) and "GameShow".

During "GameShow" we are planning to split them into several teams, which would be competting between each other. Based on that, we came to the conclusion that it would be nice if the score would be calculating automatically  for each team and teams would see  their score on the common screen. So, this is more classroom game with the big screen.

Thats about it. Thanks, once again,

Best regards, Evgeny

Kevin Thorn

Getting a better understanding of what you're wanting to do. It sounds like you're needing to dynamically update scores from the various teams playing the game at their respective tables, and display a "leaderboard" on a big screen.

What are participants using at their tables to generate a score. Are they playing an analog board/card game, or are they interacting with a game on a tablet device?

I'm not sure Storyline is your answer here. 

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