Gamification and Storyline 360


Hoping to get some help. We are looking into incorporating more gamification into our eLearnings and just getting started. I have bookmarked several helpful articles on here with downloads and examples, but in general can anyone recommend a good place to get started with gamification? How are you using gamification with Storyline 360? Any success stories? We hope to have Storyline 360 by the end of the year (currently use SL 3). Are there some good trainings available to skill up on variables/triggers, etc. any other programming needed to build games or use templates? I appreciate any help or feedback you can provide! 

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Judy Nollet
Kristin Hatcher

Hi Sara,

I've noticed that many people confuse "gamification" with adding games to their training, and the distinction is subtle but important.

Games are a wonderful way to engage learners and get them practicing with the material they need to learn. However, oddly, games are not really required to "gamify" a course. In fact, "gamification" is a term that is quite misleading. 

The true definition of gamification is a system of rewards. So for example, maybe you have a course with 5 modules. Within each module, the participant has to complete some task - could be as simple as taking a quiz or interacting with every slide - or maybe playing a game. At the end of each module, the participant gets a badge or trophy, usually just a graphic. Their goal is to collect all five badges to "win." See screenshot for example.

It is quite possible to use games in gamification, but not required. The real trick is to come up with some system of rewards that is meaningful to the participant. You'd be surprised how many people respond well to just earning badges, but they might prefer to also display those badges to others, so maybe making them printable is a way to go.