Getting Google Analytics from a Storyline Website


Just thought that you might be interested.....

Via some code additions to the published story.html file, (which has been renamed to an index.html file...), have managed to start getting Google analytics off my Storyline-based Website.

High "bounce" rate, because they basically have nowhere else to go (!), but spending average 1 minute on the site, which is about as good as I could have hoped.

I know it's not the usual way to run a website, but it's plenty good for me at the moment.


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Logan Stahler
Emanuel Falade

Does this work in a SL360 zipped SCORM 1.2 on an LMS that I'm not admin on? We're trying to only track launches of content we've created that we're licensing  to a client to use on their LMS.

Hi Emanuel -

I'm no expert, but as long as you have the appropriate Google info and javascript, it shouldn't matter how the course is published or where it's hosted because the module sends the data off to Google. It's not like the LMS has to send the data to Google.